Saturday 14 May 2016

Gearing up...

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Of late, my work days have been thrown off mainly by the insane levels of work I have been bringing home from my office. I have ended up burning the midnight oil just trying to clear out the debris left over from the work hours. This tends to happen in every small, lean research team, especially if you happen to be the type who is motivated to spend more time working on stuff in the hope of landing that big publication you have always dreamed of.

Anyway. I decided to hit the reset button this weekend. Totally switched off from work mode today - something that I NEVER do - and I decided to spend some time lazing around and just slacking off. I was so pleasantly surprised by this alien feeling of having a whole day and doing nothing, that I even wrote a blog post about it! Yeah! I was THAT lazy today.

But, as the evening draws her cloak of darkness around me, I have to figure out a way to streamline work and studying for USMLE and life - all very complex affairs for me at the moment. I am trying to put things in perspective, and lining up my priorities in order to have a more balanced approach to the next few months. It is already the middle of May and if I have to take the steps this year, I need to be able to start studying in all earnest. As an IMG, I need to beat the mean by a fair distance, and as an old IMG, I need to keep working away to justify why people should choose me over young blood.

Massive insecurity, fears and apprehensions plague me as the time comes for me to gear up to slay this USMLE beast. Tomorrow, the work starts. I shall possibly make up a schedule for the upcoming week and see how things can be worked out in the context of the time I have available for studying. This is not going to be easy. At all...


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