Saturday 14 May 2016

Thus it begins...

And so it begins, not with a bang, but with a whispered whimper and a lot of trepidation. I am speaking, of course, of the GOP being pushed to nominate El Trumpo for their Presidential candidate. Just kidding. This blog will not be anything like political ranting. There's enough of that in the interwebs anyway, without me adding to the litany of unread woes.


First post. What do people usually talk about in their first posts? Being the researcher that I am, when I find I am stuck, I tend to turn the inner data nerd on. I did a quick review of the first posts of my favorite med/med student blogs. Turns out, I have not read too many of the first blog posts of these medbloggers whom I looked up to and adored so majorly over the years!

Action Potential: Writes about completing Midwestern U and on the cusp of starting medical school. I cannot believe AP blogged throughout her medical school days and is still at it in course of her Residency. Major props to her!

Mark MD, MPH: Reposts their thoughts on short term gains (PIZZAAA!!!) versus long term ones, in terms of opportunity costs. Spoken like a true MPH.

Barefoot Whispers: BFW sticks to the tried and tested: a funny mnemonic! This one's about the little bones in our hands.

Dr. Dre: Ah! Finally someone who sounds equally (if not more) surprised and exasperated at having started a blog as I do in my head.

NJB MD: Couple of the bloggers I follow began their blogs in the wee stages of their medical careers, but not so for NJB, who only began to blog as a resident. In her first post, she introduces herself and calls out to see where this blogging thing takes her. Ah. Much like I have been wondering!

Beth Routledge: She hit me where it was going to hurt the most - anonymous blogging. As of now, I have decided that it is in my best interests to keep my online shenanigans and offline avatar separate from each other. Beth, on the other hand, in her opening post, decides to let her identity come tumbling out the closet. Way to shove the mirror in my face, Beth!

Crystal Stethoscope: Looks like they were called Living Medical back in the day, and were working as an ED Intern. Crystal Stethoscope is way cooler a name though!

Medical Student Writes: Oh well, they have also pondered on beginning a blog at the wee hours of their medical student life (but with that name, their blogs are doomed to death in a couple years when they become residents!).

Off White Coat: OWC forgets to title the first post on their blog, but wins me over when they admit that their undergraduate thesis was on power struggles in medicine. Aha. Someone who also does esoteric research work! NICE!

Rebecca: Another medical student blog that begins at the initiation of medical school courses. And she wins my heart over with the first one here... how many times do you read something with 90s tunes, alcohol and diarrhea all mashed together? Wait. That doesn't sound as nice as it did before I wrote it down!

Learnaholic: Another blogger who took their initial post to describe the quandaries of starting a blog in medical school. Phew, I am in august company here guys!

Not a Drain: Whoa. Merys Jones totally takes the issues by the scruff of their neck in their opening post. Also explains why their blog is so titled. I am no psychiatrist, but, ahem, maybe let that grudge go for now MJ? Sure as heck I do not want to piss them off!

DocCartoon: Fizzie starts off with a wacky post about using rubber gloves to sail off into the great unknowns, a la Up!

Ah Yes, Medical School: So this blog has been dead for a while now, but the Fake Doctor's ramblings remain one of my favorite destinations when it comes to clearing out the cobwebs from the mind.

The Rumors Were True: Well, Topher's blog used to be one of the go to blogs for USMLE aspirants (still is, though some of the relevance has gone down since the exam system underwent massive changes in the past few years), and he hits us with a major dose of J as he nonchalantly reels off how amazing his life is, living on the beach, eating home made Indian food, and drinking mango juice from sandwich bags. I. WANT!

So now that the review is done, it seems a lot of bloggers begin with the ambivalent baby steps that I have just taken and nerd-ified the hell out of. That said, given that I have a pretty tough life right now, balancing USMLE studies, an intense research job, family shenanigans, and the other usual difficulties poor medical student/researchers experience, I do not know where the blog will head off to, but wherever it does veer off, I hope it leads to something good. Here's hoping that my Utopian dream of running a medical blog about medicine, medical education, policy and politics takes off!


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