Saturday 14 May 2016

That Inertia of Lethargy

Image Credits: Word Mall
Alright so every week I make up my mind to make better use of my weekends, and when the weekends eventually come around, I end up lazing around the whole of it. Today, for example, it seems that all I shall manage to do is spend an hour and a bit at the gym (not that it is helping - I still am the same weight I was when I joined last month! Wonder what is going wrong - can't be all the pizza I am eating!). 

As a classic procrastinator, when I did eventually manage to pull myself out and get to the workbench, I ended up tending to my new blog. Awwww. 

But seriously, it is time to pick up the slack, especially around the weekends. In all probability I shall remain swamped with work over the next month and a half, making it essential that I make the best use of every little second I have at my disposal. 

I think I shall start doing that from tomorrow though. Today, I, umm... come on. It is a new blog!!!!


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